Our winery was founded back in 1956 by a group of wine-growers, some from Arnedo and some from the region nearby. The winery was settled down in a spot surrounded by numerous tiny vegetable gardens, quite far then from the town centre. This fact turned out naming the street reaching this area: Baco Street. But then in 1993, due to the necessity to enlarge and improve the premises, the winery headquarters were shifted to a new location where an emerging comercial and industrial zone was getting shaped : the industrial zone El Raposal. Sincethen, the winery has been moving, but this time, towards the research of a much higher quality of its products and service.


The process is initiated at the very first moment of the reception of grapes from each of the winery’s members. As soon as the tractors with harvested grapes come in, they are disposed and allocated following specific parameters such as level of ripeness, grape varietal, type of farming,integral health of the grape, etc. During the following weeks, a close follow-up of the alcoholic fermentation in the stainless steel tanks is assured so that the must becomes wine, reaching the desirable and pleasing conditions searched by our technical team. From this moment onwards, some wine will be selected for an inmediate commercialisation as youngwines. Someother part of the production, though, will be first aged and later commercialised as Crianza.


Our oak barrels rest 10 meters deep under the floor of the winery. In them, oxygen comes into contact with the wine, penetrating very slowly through the pores of the wood and the oak provides aromas and phenolic compounds that improve its aromatic and gustatory quality. This will stabilize the color and reduce astringency.

Once the desired characteristics have been achieved, our wines are bottled and left to rest for a few months so that they reach their final stability and complexity, the moment chosen to present them to our clients and friends.

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