About us

Our Region

The grapes conforming our wines grow in vineyards from a priviledged natural spot among the mountains defining the High CidacosValley. Vegetation is mainly Mediterranean : olive trees, almond trees, aromatic herbes and vineyards. These latter species are commonly settled in small properties of 2 hectares, lying either in the slop of mountains or on the top of ravines at about 400 to 900 meters above the sea level,within an extraordinary richness of soils and sun orientations.

Our Climate

The climate in the Rioja Baja is ideal to cultivate a high quality type of grape. It is a kind of continental Mediterranean climate with scarce annual rainfall, numerous sunlight hours per year, hot temperatures in summer and cold temperatures in winter, that is, a perfect natural spot where grapes grow in an adequate balance of color, alcoholic content and polyphenolic content (tannis)

Our people

A total of 300 holders conform the winery of Nuestra Señora de Vico. This amount corresponds to 300 families who live in villages around the Valley. Hard-working and welcoming people, proud of their families and land roots, committed to their customs and their efforts to obtain the best fruit from such a generous soil. Should you visit us and acknowledge the quality of our wines, local people will much appreciate it and feel very grateful.


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